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Navistd. is an Istanbul based web company, established in 17th January 2008, won its first FWA 'SOTD' in 22nd December 2008, served to people/companies in Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Malaysia, Russia, United Kingdom, USA and of course Turkey, has been wanted to be worked for by people from Brazil to Pakistan and loved all of these so far.

It's just bliss.

We speak to Adobe.

In 2010, Adobe was planning to create the article of “World Famous Productions All Over the World" as a series of Adobe Edge Newsletter. In this sense, Adobe Japan has asked for an interview with us.

Here's the original version (Japanese) and the English version.


2013 / Bora Sübakan - Photographer / Top

2013 / Eralp Vardar - Director / Top

2013 / Milk Productions / Top

Şebnem Kandıralı - Dietician / Top

Duygu Başara - Dubbing & Management Top

Emre Gologlu - Photographer / Top

F3 Capital, Malaysia - In association with NJ Quality / Top

FPS Productions / Top

Medes Dental Instruments & Equipment, Malaysia - In association with NJ Quality / Top

Chulan Woodwork / Design / Construction, Malaysia - In association with NJ Quality / Top

Eralp Vardar - Director / 2011 Top

Faruk Yurdakul - Retoucher Top

Sihirli Anahtar / Top

Gökhan Altıniğne - Retoucher Top

CMYLMZ|Fikirsanat Top

DEPOgraphy Top

Exar Architecture, Belgium / Top

Fida Film Top

DEPOfilm Top

Yahşi Batı - The Movie Top

Arıza Top

Caime & Friends, Germany / Top

Emrah Elmaslı - Concept Art & Illustration, U.K Top

Mavi Jeans - In association with C-Section Top

Navistration. Bora Sübakan - Photographer / 2010

Bahadır Tanrıöver - Photographer DEPOtimes : The Periodic Agenda of DEPOfilm

Egofoto, Germany Top

Dara Kırmızıtoprak - Architect 101 Visual Agency

Onur Can Çoban - Personal Portfolio A24 Design Studio /

World of Timers - WOT FWA Wallpaper /